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thermo neoprene top for kiteboarding and other watersports

aboards kiteboarding thermo top neoprene 2mm



Thermo Neoprene Top is designed from special light weight and ultra stretchy 2mm thermo neoprene. In contrast to common lycra tops with minimal heat retention, the new product is designed for thermo protection combining multiple heat insulating panels and special thermo shields. Flatlock seams are used to stitch the panels together and ensure durability and strength.


aboards kiteboarding Thermo neoprene top


Thermo Top is easy to wear and can be used equally well under wetsuit in colder climates or as a separate riding top in hotter condition. It will protect you from cold and chill, as well as help to avoid sunburn.  Riding in the top will ensure a comfy feeling and good look during your water sessions.



 aboards kiteboarding thermo top neoprene 2mm


2mm Thermo neoprene top


Heat, wind protection and quick dry


Ultra stretchy prepolymer based elastane spandex fabrics


Multi-panel intelligent thermo coating


RTX termotex heat retention shield for protection of chest and lungs


Quality flatlock stitching seams


UV resistance



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