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Solid Foot Lock System (SFLS) – Comfy brings the success of previous year’s even further. The strap materials are made even softer. The width, angle and shape of the straps arch are optimised to keep your feet locked tightly but comfy. SFLS consists of combined footstrap and footpad that works as a unified binding system that is super easy to mount/dismount in a single move.


SFLS Comfy is constructed to serve the needs of wide range of foot sizes starting from girls 36 upto big foot kite surfers riding bare foot 47 size.


aboards kiteboarding footpads footstraps Comfy

Footpads construction embodies a 3D anti-shock amortizing layers in toeside and heelside that dampens impacts and ensures soft landings for your feet. Asymmetric adjustable footstraps are of ergonomic 3D shape. Footstraps have premium design from outside and soft material construction inside with special feet side protection to keep the skin of feet unhurt even after excessive kiting.

 aboards kiteboarding footpads footstraps Comfy

  aboards kiteboarding footpads footstraps Comfy



3D Footpads:


Multiple cell-comb toe pillow

Amortizing base plate

Impact absorption at heavy landings

Triple EVA rubber layer zones

3D ergonomic top surface




Asymmetric adjustable footstraps:

Premium graphics decor

Molded PVC top finishing with anti-scratch cover

Adjustable strap system

Ultra soft neoprene

Feet side protection

Ergonomic shape soft material

Reinforced stainless steel anchor fixator for strap end



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