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double face board bag for kiteboards sizes 135 152



ABoards Kiteboarding board bag is designed for protection of your kiteboard during long and short distance travel be it airplane, trunk of the car or beach. Bag comes in 2 sizes - 135cm, 152cm. It has special 600D polyester protection canvas with extra thick and softening 8mm foam padding inside. Double zipper system with big zipper heads that allows opening-up the bag fully for easy removal of sand, drying and cleaning.


bag for kiteboards

Bag feature extra handle at tip which will serve nicely when submitting and recovering the bag from luggage belts at airports. Address and contact details visor will ensure your bag always finds its owner.  Bag is designed with nice graphics of silver, green and black.


 board bag for kiteboards


Board bag:


Sizes 135cm, 152cm

Twin-sleeve large volume bag

Full-open option

Thermo isolating

Water and dirt resistant


600D polyester protection canvas


Extra thick 8mm foam padding inside


Anti-sand big-head double zipper system


Specially reinforced 2 handles


Extra tip handle for comfort and drying


Address visor


Silver coating outside


Two-sided graphics




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