aboards kiteboarding multifix footpads and footstraps





aboards kiteboarding multifix footpads and footstraps


Multifix footpads and footstraps are designed to offer a slightly simpler but still maximally comfortable version of pads and straps system that can be fitted to board of any brand or manufacturer.


aboards kiteboarding multifix footpads

3D Footpad has multiple EVA rubber layer zones and integrated ultra-soft heel pillow that all are molded onto amortizing base plate. Plate has 3 extended length holes each side to fit the strap in most necessary and appropriate angle.


 aboards kiteboarding multifix footstraps


Asymmetric adjustable footstrap of soft material is designed with special side protection to keep the skin of feet unhurt even after excessive kiting. Footstrap has 6 screw holes (3 holes in 2 rows) each side to allow fixation in necessary angle and width.




Multifix 3D Footpads:


Fits any kiteboard

Multiple EVA rubber layer zones

Amortizing base plate

3D ergonomic top surface


Multifix Asymmetric adjustable footstraps:


Fits any kiteboard

Adjustable strap system

Feet side protection

Ergonomic shape soft material



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