kitesnowboard ESCAPE

all round twintip snowkiteboard ESCAPE snowboard


snowkiting plus snowboarding board ESCAPE



ESCAPE is an excellent all round twintip board dedicated for snowkiting and snowboarding. Outline of board as well as special parallel edge stringers and reinforced rails ensure amazingly good performance on various terrains making this board great choice for all-zones snow riding. Camber and edge stringers also provide high control of board even when riding very fast. At the same time balanced flex tips in combination with dynamic side-cut radius allows to stabilize board easily on various conditions be it upwind or hard terrain as well as provide massive pop for making tricks.


all round snowboard snowkiteboard ESCAPE



100% combined wood core and construction of the board not only provides stability and control even at rough and uneven terrains but also makes it strong and durable even at the most intense riding. Add outstanding maneuverability and upwind, remarkable grip and edge control and good pop with balanced flex and you will get ESCAPE  - great winter board for snowkiting and snowboarding!



all round snowboard snowkiteboard ESCAPE


Riding features of ESCAPE:

All-zones snow riding

Balanced pop and flex

Great control and upwind

Snowkiting + snowboarding

Stance 52cm-70cm



Technology features of ESCAPE:

Absolute twintip with centered waist 

Normal camber board

Dynamic side-cut radius

Durability provided by 100% wood core

Torsion control edge stringers

Widened nose and tail shape

Lacquered top sheet top sheet


Durable anti-scratch bottom cover

Stance options with 2x6 inserts for every fee

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