1. Name    
2. Surname    
3. Gender    
4. Age    
5. Country of residence    
6. E-mail    
7. Since how long have you been kiteboarding?    
8. What is your skill level?     
9. What is your favorite riding style?     freeride  
10. Which board brand do you ride?    
11. What twintip board size do you prefer ?     less than 126cm  
 126 - 128cm  
 129 - 131cm  
 132 - 134cm  
 135 - 137cm  
 138 - 140cm  
 141 - 143cm  
 144 - 146cm  
 147 - 150cm  
 151 - 155cm  
 more than 155cm  
12. What is the most important factor when choosing your board ?     graphics  
 technical & riding characteristics  
13. How do you choose your kiteboarding gear?     ecommendation from a friend/fellow kiter  
 Recommendation from a kite shop  
 Recommendation from a kiteschool/instructor  
 Information from topics in Internet forums  
 Commercial ads in mags & other medias  
14. Which kiteboarding media is your preferred source of information about kiteboarding:    
15. Name 3 kiteboarding websites that you read the most to obtain regular kiteboarding information & news:     
16. How often do you visit your most popular kiteboarding websites     
17. Name 3 kiteboarding magazines you read most often:     
18. How did you get to know about ABoards Kiteboarding:     from a friend/fellow kiter  
 from a kite school/instructor  
 from a kite shop  
 from a kite magazine  
 elswhere in Internet  

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